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COVID will increase anti-counterfeiting development

The COVID threat and the increase in illegal trade and counterfeiting is one of the factors driving the growth of holograms in 2022, especially in terms of identity verification.
The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) stated that an authentication and tracking system featuring holograms will help support governments and law enforcement agencies in their international efforts to strengthen open and secret protection strategies in the next 12 months.
In the coming months, counterfeit COVID cards, documents, and vaccines will remain a major security threat, so governments, law enforcement agencies, and global supply chains must review their anti-counterfeiting plans and investment in security resources.
IHMA stated that the growth of security devices appears to be “strong and potentially profitable” after the “anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and secure packaging in the future 2026” and other reports predict an increase in the incidence of global counterfeiting and increased awareness of tracking technology.
These indicate that as the economy fights the impact of COVID, the use of brand protection, tracking and tracing, and other anti-counterfeiting technologies in packaging will increase.In the coming months, the packaging industry will continue to benefit from the use of anti-counterfeiting solutions, especially as concerns about shortages of medicines, medicines and vaccines in many parts of the world drive demand for counterfeit and illegal products.
Security devices such as holograms on packaged goods can ensure quality and check the distribution and smuggling of illegal products, while items that do not show them can be seized and destroyed.
According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of counterfeit drugs sold in developing countries is increasing, and Interpol reports that the number of counterfeit drugs is also increasing.The US CBP and the World Customs Organization have also reported seizures of counterfeit COVID tests and personal protective equipment (PPE).
In addition, the economic losses caused by COVID-including tax increases, global shortages of raw materials and finished products, rising prices and falling incomes-have provided fertile ground for the flourishing of illegal trade.
IHMA predicts that this situation will continue in the next 12 months, and as the anti-counterfeiting technology market for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products is predicted to grow, the growth of certified equipment will remain “strong and profitable.”By 2025, the overall market value of global security packaging and anti-counterfeiting products is expected to exceed US$188 billion.
A public opinion survey shows that nearly 50% of hologram manufacturers and suppliers have seen an increase in demand for holographic equipment and technology from customers, regulators, and end users.This shows that as the new year pandemic continues to spread, hologram users will continue to worry about the impact of counterfeiting on the supply chain.
Dr. Paul Dunn, Chairman of IHMA, said: “Counterfeiting puts governments, companies, and the public at risk and must be effectively addressed to minimize the impact on society. We look forward to seeing the supply chain further strengthened in 2022 and countries strengthen their anti-counterfeiting efforts. The plan should include the introduction of stricter anti-counterfeiting legislation and strategies.
“It is clear that in the face of the continued impact of COVID and other threats, we can reasonably say that law enforcement, government, brand owners and other influencers will continue to drive demand for identity verification and brand protection devices such as holograms.”
IHMA said that compared with other optically variable features of the currency market in 2022, holographic technology will also remain in good condition.Although cash is predicted to die, the demand for paper money across the world has actually increased during the pandemic—especially high-value paper money as a store of value, which in turn drives the demand for holograms.
Currently, one-third of banknotes are equipped with holographic devices, and the research and development of safer and more complex holographic functions for banknotes and polymer banknotes will continue to ensure that the public and central banks are assured of the authenticity of cash.
On the other hand, the reduction in travel has led to a decline in the demand for passports and travel documents, so the demand for holographic devices to protect these is also declining.As long as the uncertainty surrounding COVID remains, this situation will persist, but it will be offset to a certain extent by the global migration crisis, which will continue to promote the development and deployment of secure personal identification, rather than COVID-related Special identification.
Dr. Paul Dunn said: “The innovative features of banknotes are driving the reach of this technology, which reflects the development of holographic technology. We will also see the emergence of new applications of holographic features on ID cards, which are similar to digital Innovations related to applications, packaging and stamp duty are likely to continue to grow.”
In the new year, the exploration and application of holographic technology for new wearable head-up displays and other smart devices will continue to develop.For example, holographic optical elements (HOE) used for vehicle lighting and head-up displays will continue to gain traction, while at the same time in “breakthrough” holographic applications such as medical imaging, solar energy, data storage, and healthcare. Derivative therapy and cryptocurrency.
Using the certification solution advocated by the ISO12931 standard enables examiners to verify the authenticity of legitimate products and distinguish them from counterfeit products from counterfeit hot spots in Asia and Eastern Europe.If the product has a well-thought-out identity verification solution, even a product with a “fake” identity verification function can be distinguished from the genuine product.
IHMA is composed of more than 80 world-leading hologram companies.Members include leading producers and converters of holograms for banknote anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, packaging, graphics and other commercial applications around the world, and actively cooperate to maintain the highest professional, safety and quality standards.

Post time: Dec-30-2021